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Dr. Max expected to lead Polish pharmacy market
Dr. Max, which was is owned by Penta Investments, was the largest independent pharmacy chain in Poland (not owned by a wholesaler) even before the acquisition of Mediq, and the acquisition of the latter would make it ... more »

Anti-aging skin care products expected to drive growth on dermocosmetics in Poland

According to PMR, an increasing number of pharmacists may be interested in having dermocosmetics in their portfolios. It is possible that these products will generate high margins, and that this will alleviate the ... more»

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Oncological pharmaceuticals and immunosuppressive drugs were the driving force pushing the growth of the pharmaceutical market in 2008-2009. The ... more »

W latach 2008-2009 r. leki onkologiczne i immunomodulujące były motorem wzrostu rynku leków. Główną tego przyczyną była zmiana statusu ... more »

The years 2013-2014 will be affected by the implications of the Reimbursement Act too, though the impact will be less severe than ... more »

Apteki internetowe wypracowały w 2012 r. wiele rozwiązań, które pozwalają zminimalizować zagrożenia związane z ustawą. Pierwszym z nich było ... more »

In 2010-2011 the economic crisis had a particularly adverse effect on the market covered by our analysis. According to industry ... more »
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